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Fresh Tomatoes from Snead's Farm Snead’s Farm has run a community-supported agriculture program (CSA) since 2013. The CSA allows area families to purchase a “share” of farm produce for the year, distributed via a weekly produce box. Over the years, farmer Emmett Snead has also purchased produce from many other local family farms in the Fredericksburg region, building a network that allows him to offer a greater variety of produce to CSA members while also supporting the local farming economy. 

In 2023, thanks to support from two generous donors in the community, shares of Snead’s Farm CSA were purchased for the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank. A full share of the Snead’s Farm CSA provides more than enough weekly produce for two families, so the donated shares went a long way toward feeding individuals in our community through our various programs. 

At the Food Bank, we were excited to access high-quality, fresh produce–which can be hard to obtain through other available sources. This is important for providing better nutrition to the individuals we serve. 

In 2024, we would like to grow this program. You can help by making a tax-deductible donation toward the purchase of  CSA shares. Your gift not only helps us provide healthy food to our neighbors, but it also helps support the network of farmers who produce our local food supply.

“This fresh market mobile distribution works great because it supplements food when in between checks. It’s also great that it’s fresh produce rather than perishable items to get a balanced meal. Having the Snead’s sticker on the jar of jam is great knowing where they come from.” – Carley F. in Spotsylvania County

Fresh corn from Snead's FarmWhy produce is important to our neighbors?
Fresh produce is very important to the neighbors we serve because it profoundly impacts their health and well-being. The array of nutrients in fruits and vegetables aids in disease prevention, improves energy levels and enhances mental health. For neighbors facing food insecurity, the availability of fresh produce enhances nutrition, promotes a healthy diet, and nurtures a sense of community. By offering nutrient-dense foods, we empower our neighbors to make healthier choices, promoting long-term well-being and creating a stronger, more vibrant community.

Why support local farms?
Supporting local farms is essential because it strengthens the local economy and generates income within the community, as well as creating new job opportunities. Local Farms reduce the environmental impact of long-distance food transportation, contributing to sustainability. Backing local farms ensures the availability of fresh and nutritious produce, which encourages healthier eating habits among neighbors. Lastly, supporting local agriculture preserves the cultural traditions and heritage of farming and working within one’s community.

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